How Can My Business Save Money on Long Distance Calls?

How Can My Business Save Money on Long Distance Calls? - Blog - Long Distance Consolidated Billing - 122413523

While the internet has certainly made the world a smaller place, allowing businesses to expand their customer base and easily trade services across oceans and continents, the need for telecommunication remains a constant. Sending emails may save time, but an email lacks the human touch that is the foundation of a successful business-client relationship. So how can businesses engage in long distance communication without hefty phone bills cutting into their margins?


Long distance calling plans allow businesses to easily and effectively communicate with their customers and clients without worrying about overage charges and hidden fees. But in a market that is flooded with providers offering a wide range of coverage at an even wider range of costs, how can a small business know which will provide optimal performance at the best price? A simple, straightforward long distance calling plan, like those offered by Long Distance Consolidated Billing Co. (LDCB), can help small businesses focus more on creating the optimal customer experience and less on how to pay their bills. LDCB provides long distance calling plans at a fraction of the cost of other providers, and their expansive network makes it easy to place calls anywhere in the world.


LDCB not only provides long distance calling plans to businesses, but they also offer residential customers the opportunity to save on long distance calls as well. LDCB is based in Waterford, Michigan, and is a registered utility in 38 other states. They offer both Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) billing and direct billing to customers. LCDB utilizes Sprint and CenturyLink networks, so their coverage is both wide and secure. If you’re tired of the hidden fees found in many of today’s long distance calling plans, contact LDCB today to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative who can help you enjoy making long distance calls at the lowest price possible.


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