Big Phone Companies Are Leaving Us On Hold

Do you feel like you are being held hostage by your long distance phone service? Not only are we often faced with long-term contracts with hidden fees, but also the customer service can sometimes leave us questioning our sanity.


Big Phone Companies Are Leaving Us On Hold - Blog - Long Distance Consolidated Billing - 78376085When you pay high prices for quality long distance phone service, you should expect quality customer service to come hand-in-hand.  If there's a breakdown of communication in your business it can lead to lost revenue and a complete lack of productivity. 


That's why, when deciding on a long distance phone provider, you want to choose a company that’s dedicated to providing you with expert support, without leaving you and your business on hold. 


The big phone companies don’t have time to deal with your problems. Trust a company that will be available to take your call any time and make sure that you are always satisfied with your service.


Unlike some of the major phone service companies, smaller companies are often more willing to discuss your phone plan and work with you to get the best rates possible.  They’re not out to find ways to charge you additional fees, or sell you on services that you don’t need.  They pride themselves on helping you save money and receive the highest quality communications services possible.


With a long distance provider like Long Distance Consolidated Billing (LDCB) on your side, you can focus on improving your business, without having to worry about the extra cost of long distance.


If you’re sick of dealing with your long distance phone service provider, or are starting a new service and don’t know where to begin, contact Long Distance Consolidated Billing (LDCB) for free information about our affordable long distance calling plans.  With Long Distance Consolidated Billing you won’t only be getting quality phone service, you’ll be getting customer service that won’t leave you on hold.

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